The Ultimate Guide to Equipment

6 of the Most Useful Spy Equipment

Today, there are endless types of spy gear that you can use to uncover information about a person. As much as you may have the best espionage skills, there are places you cannot go due to various reasons. What’s more, spying is only fun if your identity remains concealed at all times. Here is a look at some of the top types of spy equipment you should consider in your surveillance activities.

Modern spies have discovered phone data recovery sticks and are using them in their activities a lot. Using the stick allows you to recover every piece of data from a handheld device, irrespective of the operation system it uses. Therefore, there is no need to jump from place to place as you search for evidence of your spouse’s infidelity since this gadget will get you all that information without moving an inch.

A cigarette lighter looks harmless but it is now a top spy equipment piece for those who want to collect audio and video evidence without being noticed. You just need to switch it on and you will get a record of everything that took place in your absence.

Now, you can jam cell phone signals within a certain geographical area to allow you to carry out your spy work. A cell phone jammer is now a common device that is also affordable, unlike in the past when it was only reserved for military use.

Following your partner to everywhere he or she goes to uncover her infidelity is now not necessary. You don’t even need to check their phone for messages from his or her lover since there is another way to find out. A semen detection kit will give you all the information you need about his or her infidelity. There is a special substance that turns purple when poured on wet or dry semen, meaning that you will get more than enough evidence to confront him about the issue.

Most covert data collection devices can be moved accidentally, and that can compromise the information they are meant to collect. However, it is possible to get an electrical outlet that doubles up as a camera and voice recorder, which helps in eliminating such a problem while getting you all the info needed.

An employer who wants to learn if his employees actually work or spend all their time on social media can make unannounced visits to their desks or use a keylogger plug that records all the keystrokes that a computer keyboard makes. In addition to running in the background to conceal its presence, the device does not use up computer resources, and it does not lose data when unplugged.