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Things to look for in Women’s Compound Bows

The two types of sports that are nowadays played by many women are archery and bow hunting. in the early days, these sports were most common among men. It has been discovered that compound bows make the best option for women participating in these sports. Following the expansion being experienced in the female market, a large number of manufacturers are now resorting to produce items that are specially meant for the female gender.

Following the emergence of many types of female compound bows, it is now more challenging to select the best of them. It is the male compound bows that are largely produced. This has been so disappointing for women. This is due to the fact that most of them are heavy and big in size. The following guide will help any woman whenever she is selecting a compound bow.

Finding the best compound bow is made much easier when you put your focus on the model that suits your body proportion. Apart from this, you need also to have some technical knowledge about these tools whenever you are choosing one. Your first consideration should be the length of the bow. This will affect how comfortable you will feeling when doing your shooting using the bow. The level accuracy when using the longer bows is higher than when using the shorter ones. Nevertheless, shorter women should just go for the shorter type as it will be more convenient to them.
Secondly, you need to consider the brace height. This will in a great way determine ones drawing seed and how difficult or easy it will be to hit the area of target. If the brace is high, you will easily control the bow but will not be able to shoot at a high speed. If you chose the shorter braces, you will experience difficulty in control but you will shoot at a very high speed.

You also need to check on the draw length. Because most women are never tall, short draw length is the best for them. The only thing you need to confirm is how comfortable you are when pulling the arrow. Although many of the bows have adjustable draw lengths, it is just important to select one that is close to your measurements. This is because it will highly determine your level of accuracy and also speed.

You also need to check on the draw weight. Because the strength that women possess in their upper body is generally less than that of men, they need to get compound bows which have less draw weight. Since high draw weight is associated with high speed, starters should go for the low eight draws. The weight of the bow should also be checked on. Bow hunting need a tool that is light enough to carry around.

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