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Your Office Phone is Incomplete Without These Features

At relatively low costs, IP communications developments continue to facilitate a wide array of functions via office phones. There’s so much more to using a VoIP phone in UAE than just calling and receiving calls–it brings about a degree of integration involving computer systems and the internet to support many more business communication functions. Nonetheless, your office phone system should boast the right capabilities to support your business communication requirements.

Capability for Internet Connectivity

It’s important for your office telephone system to have capabilities to convey Internet-based communications. It ought to be a VoIP telephone that supports the conveyance of data over the internet in the form of voice as well as video. Most advantages of the best office phone systems emanate from their capacities for the Internet.
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Incorporation into Computer Systems
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The ability to integrate your phone system with your computer system is very vital for the office. Thanks to this feature, your customer support staff can easily trace customer information and at the same time speak to them and offer help. All other communications relying on your computer-integrated office phone system can conveniently be organized in any way that you prefer.

The Capability to Conference

IP phone systems have the capacity for conferencing. This attribute is useful particularly when more than one employee are involved in the same telephone conversation.

Video and voice telephone conferences can be implemented with a VoIP communication system. These meetings can take place within the same office or externally, involving participants from various physical locations. The maximum number of participants is determined by conferencing capabilities of an individual phone brand or model.

Call Records

If you want the capability to record calls, choose a VoIP phone in UAE that has it. A typical application of the feature is such as when you want to record calls between your customer support and callers for quality improvement purposes.

Filtering Calls

With call screening, you have a say over what to do with incoming calls. If a customer care agent is engaged elsewhere, this feature gives them leeway to pick, decline, or route to voicemail an inbound call based on customer information. You can use this feature to pick calls based on an order of preference, with new callers, loyal customers, etc being given priority.

The Call Forwarding Feature

The most reliable business phone system is able to support call forwarding to any available numbers, such as your cell phone and home phone. This ascertains that urgent calls are always received, whether from clients or other staff.

If you need to purchase a reliable VoIP phone in UAE to use at the office, it should support the above features to address your communication requirements sufficiently.