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The Impact IT Has Had On Healthcare The healthcare sector is one of the longest existing industries. Because it has been around for some time this industry has experienced quite a big margin in terms of growth. There are countries where health care is considered a private sector. This essentially means that the poorer people don’t have access to quality healthcare services like the rich do. On the other hand, in other nations, this industry is considered a public industry and healthcare is seen as a right of every single citizen who pays tax. It goes without saying that this industry has experienced a lot of expansion and one of the best things yet in the field of healthcare is probably the inclusion of information technology in management of health records. Below are some few ways through which IT has improved the management of healthcare records thanks to electronic record keeping IT Has Facilitated the Privacy and Security OF Patient Data Healthcare has really improved in how the patient records are kept, especially with regard to security and privacy. Today it is possible for institutions to organize their information and data for different patients and keep them in a soft copy format away from any eyes that are not required to see them. When patient data is stored on soft copy, it makes it easier to protect the information with passwords and inscriptions such that only people who are authorized can see the content. This has been a great way of keeping records confidential especially when it comes to the field of mental health.
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Thanks to electronic storage of information, health care practitioners are able to pull up files of patients much faster than before. Previously files had to be stored in hard copy setups and they were typed using a typewriter or written by hand. Storage was much more difficult back then because it would take long to retrieve the files. Because of these significant steps, the healthcare sector has been able to improve the quality of services when patients come to seek help. Searching for records is much simpler when using a computer program such as accessing databases,as it reduces the chances of mixing up patient records. Reduces Costs Storing health records electronically reduces the amount of paperwork one has to deal with. Because of this, fewer people need to be employed to write up documents, look up records or even duplicate documents. Hospitals are able to spend less because they can use secure networks to send information from one center to another center of the same hospital. This means that there is no cash needed to send things like results of a patient from one branch of a hospital to another hospital. The future of IT in healthcare might be uncertain, however one thing that is certain is that the possibilities are endless.